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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hurray! I finally grabbed the time to paint this image of the Boston Skyline. I titled it "Boston Glow". I love the color of the paper showing through and being the main color of the sun-lit side of the buildings. I used peach-tinted watercolor paper- my first time with that, and I think I will use it again. I like how it handles the paint, and the underlying glow is lovely and doesn't grey down the blues too much.
On another note, I had enough pottery to run another kiln load tonight, and I just emptied it yesterday, so that is good! This load had all of the pieces the women painted from Norton Women of Today when they came for an evening out.

I scheduled several appointments today to help children at local day-care centers to do hand and foot prints on plates for Mother's Day- it is so much fun to see the end result!

Overall, I feel I am moving forward with all of my marketing campaigns, and my painting too!


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