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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fingerprint Valentine's Day Card

Happy Valentine's Day! I know I've fallen down on my job to Blog and show you fun kid's crafts as well as new art, but what can I say, life happens! Anyway, here is a fun, easy and sweet way for your kids to make their own Valentine's Day cards. Just a couple of steps and you're done. Enjoy!
1. Fold card stock (cut if necessary to fit an envelope you have if you plan to mail it)
2. pour out a small dab of tempera or acrylic paint onto a paper plate- white + red makes pink, or just use pink or red. Other colors are fine too- message hearts are lots of colors, right?
3. have your child dip their index finger or thumb into the paint and press it onto the card stock.
4. Have them re-dip the finger and press it down again overlapping the bottom of the first print and angling it out to the side a bit at the top- see the heart shape?
5. Repeat as desired- do lots of cards if you like! Clean off the fingers with a damp paper towel between colors.
6. Let dry and draw around the hearts if you like with marker or crayon.
Have Fun!!

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