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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shoreline of New England Painting from the Demonstration at Mansfield Library 1/14/06
copyright Kristi Johnston

Watercolor Demo

Watercolor Demonstration
Well, I did the watercolor demonstration of an ocean scene at the Mansfield Library yesterday and it went very well. There were over 20 kids and adults there, and everyone seemed to enjoy watching me turn the white paper into a view of a rocky New England shoreline. I have a few more things to do to it before I will call it done, but I here it is so far.
     I had several parents interested in signing up their children for classes, so I may be able to fill that Sunday afternoon class after all! I heard many complimentary comments on the display I had put up of artwork by children in my previous classes, and that made me feel good.
     I was so excited to see my friend Charlene McNeil at the demonstration. She was there to take photos for the newspaper!  I hope at least one gets into the Mansfield News, since that may help fill the classes, too.
     Trying to get the word out about my watercolor paintings, art, and classes for ages 5 and up has proven to be a challenge.  Overall, I don’t think that newspaper advertising works. I have started an advertising campaign with a coupon mailing service, and I have seen some measurable results from that. I also give out coupons to current customers to encourage them to come back, and to tell a friend.  
     I have moved the children’s watercolors to a display case in the Norton Library, and I will do a demonstration there next week. I think I might do a companion piece to the one I did yesterday, then write a press release saying that they are on display together!
     Have a great Martin Luther King Day everyone!