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Saturday, February 17, 2007

So many topics, so little time...

Hello there!
After the marsh paintings I moved on to skies, so check them out on my website at Then, I did a bunch of sailboats ( also miniature) at:

I have been working on pastel portraits of children, adults and pets, so that has kept me very busy. I discovered that using 300lb ( very heavy) watercolor paper and doing a light underpainting is a great base for pastel portraits. I had used some pastels on top of watercolors in the past, but never to this extent, and I was a bit concerned about obtaining the level of detail I wanted on the rough paper, but so far it is going very well. ( I will post the finished product next week)

I will be having surgery on my right shoulder in just over a week, so will most likely not post for a while, but wanted to catch you up on my latest endeavors. I hope to be back in the studio by March 6th, but will be in a sling ( so not painting) until about the 17th. Seems hard to imagine, but since I am having a bone graft in my clavicle, it will need time to heal. Yes, I am right handed- ugh!

I would love to hear your opinions about my new work and suggestions for new things. I will have new Fairy paintings up by Feb. 23rd. on my website, so check them out!

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