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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Working on some abstracts...

I am currently working on some large ( for me) abstract pieces in acrylic on wood panels. I was inspired by the interior walls of a very old building being re-purposed into offices and condos. They had plaster, layers of paint, lathing and brick work all in the same areas and the texture was amazing. I will post the work as I finish it, or perhaps in process for your input!

Young Love

Here is a photo of a charcoal painting I just finished. It is from a black and white photo from about 50 years ago. The photo was 2"square, so finding the details was a challenge. The family loved it and said I really captured the likenesses, especially the man- he passed away a number of years ago. I call it "Young Love" and I just love the woman's expression. Your comments are welcome!

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